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 I'm Katherine Friedley, Adventurer.
Here's what's on my
Been There/Done That List:
Mongol Derby 2012:  check
Lesotho Rescue Ride 2013: check

Phillips Cattle Drive 2014:  check

Ecuador/Patagonia/Mongolia Pt. II/???? 2015:  on the radar

Miller Time in Lesotho, October 2013 
Hello Adventure Compadres:

Welcome back.  I have some new stories in the works - a bit of South Africa, a bit of Lesotho, a bit of Alberta; a lot of happiness and a bit of sadness to balance it off. Stay tuned..

Miller Time in Lesotho, October 2013
On The Job:  Phillips Cattle Drive, October 2014

* No Good:  noun: insatiable curiosity about life; willing to take a chance; live life on my own terms; really, really good.
Up To No Good on the West Coast Trail
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