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At some point people became interested in this whole Mongol Derby thing. 
Weird huh.
CBC On the Island, Radio Interview with Khalil Akhtar,July 2012
CBC Alberta at Noon, Radio Interview with Holly Preston, July 2012
Vancouver Sun Article, author Aleesha Harris, July 2012
Victoria Times Colonist Article, author Judith Lavoie, July 2012
And please, no laughing at the post-race interviews as I was suffering from some bizarre Mongolian flu, complete with fever - I barely have a recollection of these ones:
CBC Alberta at Noon, Radio Interview, August 2012
CBC National Radio, As It Happens, August 2012
CTV News Channel, August 2012
But I came back around in time to correspond with Glenda Fordham:
The Rider - Ontario's Horse Industry Newspaper, October/November edition, author Glenda Fordham
see pages 22 & 23
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