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Quick Thanks

Quick Thanks
(originally posted by Katherine at 15th April 2012 at 18:50)
Just a quick note and a quick thanks to some people who have shown me some incredible support so far, even if I do kind of suck at getting the word out there about what I'm doing! (I'm working on this.) I will be doing up a formal "sponsorship" page as I go, but for today:
  • My daughter Jordan (the Sundance Kid) whom I love unconditionally; who laughs at all of my jokes (and I at hers); and who has tenatively agreed to be at the finish line in Mongolia (if we can figure out where that is)
  • My friend Dawn, without whom I would no doubt be a mere shadow of the shadow of the shadow...of the person I am today (she is also my logistics manager and the brains to my brawn)
  • My daughter-in-law Jeanna, who agreed to steal time away from her glamorous government job and hectic full-time Mom assignment to be my PR person
  • Bill Herman, of Herman Kloot and Company - Bill does all our "lawyering", is based in Drumheller Alberta, and also runs a mean half marathon
  • Kurt Swann from my Impossible League group - you really made my day, on that particular day
  • Lorine McCook from Viterra (I know you're working diligently on my behalf, thanks Lorine!)
  • Val Pumple and Tim Kier, who have taken me under their wing, and Tim who loaned me his GPS - you and your family are the best! Woo hoo!
  • Hand Hills Holdings Inc. (who has the capable hand of my husband Gordan at the helm) who so kindly donated the funds to cover my initial fundraising target for Mercy Corps - 1000 GBP will go a long ways in Mongolia, good karma all round.
And to all the peeps who are giving me moral support and lending me their courage; my family (the ones I have confessed my plans to anyways) for accepting my thirst for adventure, worrying only just a little bit and being excited a bigger bit...thank you one and all.
I will try to name everybody as I go along, but geez, now I know how the Academy Award winner people feel right before they start playing the "get off the stage" music and they're panicking about forgetting somebody...
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