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It's June People

It's June, People
Posted by Katherine at 2nd June 2012 at 05:39
Well what’s happening, Rest Of World? Out here in Training For Derby Land, it’s been the same old-same old: run, run, run, ride, ride, ride…drink coffee, drink coffee, drink coffee, as it seems that the red wine thing was starting to interfere with my sleep. What’s that? Caffeine is bad for sleep too? Well I never. Soon it will be down to water – oh why bother living, I ask you.
I’ve had a few pretty good weeks of training, and even had Jordan come out one day to catch a bit on film. I mostly ride alone, so if you are wondering why the lack of photos with me on a horse…I guess I should change deodorants or something, or just try harder to find some people to ride with. Or I could take more photos like these, I suppose:
The view of Lacey's ears, as seen from the saddle
Okay, here's some of Jordan's fab photography:
Getting ready for a session with Domingo, the Horse Who Never Stops Eating
He's really really excited about the saddle - check out the tongue action going on
A couple of times around before hitting the trails
With Lacey, on the trails
Actually, thanks to the good people at Greenhawk equestrian supplies in Brentwood Bay (especially Glynis), I was put in touch with a remarkable woman named Miki Dekel, who has countless miles (in the thousands, I am sure she said) under her cinch as an endurance rider. Miki is on the road constantly to endurance and competitive trail rides, both in Canada and the USA, and has tentatively invited me along to the Sunriver Endurance Ride in Oregon, later this month. The ride offers distances of 30, 50, or 100 miles – let’s do the 100 miler says Miki. Sure, why not, says I; what’s 100 miles in 24 hours when I’ll be doing 620 in 10 days in a few short weeks? We are meeting up on the weekend to size each other up, but I am excited and hope to be able to take part in this small toe-dipping into the endurance world.
And let’s see…besides that, I have booked my Mongolia airfare – August 1 via Seoul , then into Ulaanbaatar August 3 (not having travelled to the far east before, I find it interesting that on the return journey I arrive in Seattle before I leave Seoul.) And with the booking of this airfare, this whole thing is now really really real. For real. Really.
Tomorrow’s big plans are a visit to the travel immunization clinic where I will roll up my sleeve (or drop the drawers, how does this work anyways) and get protected from everything from rabies to Japanese encephalitis, to too-much-airag-itis.
And finally, what’s training without a little fun to balance it off? For those of you who don’t know me (and for some of you that do) – you do realize that the “outlaw” thing is mostly just a handy alias to run around behind, right? I don’t really have the outlaw lifestyle; I look and dress and act like a normal average Canadian (stop laughing about the “normal” definition); but it’s funny that once you’ve started down some path, how things keep popping up to keep the ball rolling. So a few weeks ago, I noticed an advertisement on a bulletin board for “cowboy shooting”. Jordan and I decided to check it out and it turned out to be an outrageous amount of fun. It basically involves shooting vintage or replica single action weapons at close range targets, with the object being accuracy and speed. The cowboy shooting aficionados get together regularly at competitions around the world, dressed in their finest Old West garb – what fun! Check it out – www.sassnet.com It turns out that both Jordan and I are not bad shots, with Jordan being inordinately fond of the lever-action rifle (I liked the pistol and the shotgun myself). What’s this got to do with Mongolia? Not a damn thing, unless I need to supplement my daily quota of goat topped with sheep, or sheep topped with goat; and decide to bag a marmot for supper. If someone lends me a gun that is. And assuming the marmot is only 15 feet away.
Bang on with the rifle
And finally, again, one more photo to prove that we aren't really outlaws, we are just normal ladies:
Happy Outlaws
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