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What Is That Ringing Noise...

Originally posted by Katherine at 16th July 2012 at 20:43
I was awoken this morning at 5:15am by the ringing of my bedside phone. Holy early morning, Batman! I thought. Must be Jordan, pulling an all-nighter study session and now famished, was looking for that famous pancake recipe – who else would call here so ridiculously early? But no, it was the radio station QR77 out of my home province of Alberta, wondering if I would care to do a live radio interview tomorrow morning, 5:15am BC time? Huh?
Then I clued in, coffee deprived state or no, that the lovely Aleesha Harris of the Vancouver Sun newspaper had indeed published her article on yours truly. Check it out! She makes me sound almost cool, and way more normal than I really am:
Then the CBC got involved, so in addition to QR77 first thing in the morning, I will be doing a live interview on CBC’s noon program tomorrow, in Alberta. A very nice lady named Mindy called me for a pre-interview interview, and I managed to babble on about…stuff…hopefully I will sound not quite so dorky and incompetent tomorrow. Stage fright! Actually, Mindy asked something along the lines of “Is it a challenge to stay focussed? Are you nervous?” and my first thought was, well, I was doing fine until this morning, and now all hell has broken loose! Anyways, I will put it out of my mind, get on with my day, and pray hard tonight for the gift of eloquence to please visit me tomorrow, amen.
So what else…I’ve been in touch with another competitor from the USA – Erik Cooper of team Squaller Holler, and I learned that he has friends in Ulaanbaatar – how cool is that! Some homies to hang with when he gets off the plane. And Sonja Timani and I had a nice conversation about raising the stakes of winning this thing (she offered up some ante that was very interesting…very interesting indeed…) and she also confessed a fear of drinking the vodka, lest she go blind. “Well geez Sonja” I said, “I don’t think you have to drink the whole bottle.”
Think of me tomorrow, while I am blundering my way through my interviews. How do people handle this publicity, I ask you.
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